17-18 Season, NO PLACE LIKE HOME, on sale now

Da Camera has announced its 2017/2018 30th anniversary season, with the theme NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

The 17/18 season’s programming centers on Houston’s rich history and asks relevant questions about the meaning of home. The season explores America, exile and how the universal theme of home is expressed in music, art and poetry. It also asks how the composers, writers, performers and visual artists of today address issues of home in their work. Across styles and genres, Da Camera’s 2017/2018 season presents artists who rely on their personal experiences, identity and influences to address these questions and create a style uniquely their own.

“No Place Like Home is a season theme with multiple meanings,” says Da Camera Artistic and General Director Sarah Rothenberg. “As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we thank the Houston community for our vibrant home. We celebrate our rich past by bringing back old friends and, as Houston’s premiere jazz presenter, we salute the city’s contributions to this art form with three jazz homecomings of native stars. We look to the role of ‘home’ for composers, from the evolution of ‘house music’ chamber forms like the string quartet to American maverick Charles Ives’s haunting childhood memories of hymns and folk tunes. And ‘No Place Like Home’ also asks questions about the meaning of home on a larger scale, such as What is America? and What does it mean to be a global citizen?”

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