Guillermo Klein Y Los Guachos

Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos is a fantastic 11-piece band that bridges jazz, the music of Argentina and other genres. One of the most original artists to emerge on the international scene in recent years, composer and pianist Guillermo Klein is noted for distinctive compositions featuring dazzling rhythms, lush harmonic layers and rich melodies.

“Rightly heralded in postmodern jazz circles for the flexibility, urgency, and the otherworldly vision of his music.”

TheNew York Times



The big-band tradition is evolving in the hands of the composer, conductor, and pianist Klein. Since his fledgling days…the Argentine-born Klein has been leading large ensembles that flaunt their eclectic nature, layering post-bop tropes with generous additions of Latin folk, twisted funk, and classical. His body of work is foundational to the renewed interest in contemporary jazz orchestras.

— The New Yorker