Alex Ross of The New Yorker raves about Mieczyslaw Weinberg

In a “Listen” post on The New Yorker’s web site, acclaimed critic Alex Ross shares his enthusiasm for composer Mieczyslaw Weinberg, whose Piano Quintet will be performed Friday night by Sarah Rothenberg and the Daedalus string Quartet.

Ross writes: “Weinberg, a Polish-Jewish composer who spent most of his life in the Soviet Union, has recently stepped out of the historical mists, encroaching on the mainstream repertory. He lived from 1919 to 1996 and long dwelled in the shadow of his older contemporary Dmitri Shostakovich. As more of his huge output emerges, though, his originality becomes clear. The Quatuor Danel has recorded Weinberg’s seventeen string quartets and is now playing them widely, honoring a body of work that rivals Shostakovich’s cycle in heft.”

Read Ross’s post on the New Yorker’s web site.