The complete Beethoven string quartet cycle in free concerts throughout 30th Anniversary 17­­­–18 season

Da Camera celebrated its 30th anniversary season “No Place Like Home” with Beethoven For All. The initiative took inspiration from the Beethoven cycle performed by the Juilliard Quartet during Da Camera’s first season in 1988­–89. Performances of all 17 of these Beethoven masterpieces took place in a variety of venues, from museums and performance halls to schools and hospitals.

“We are thrilled to celebrate Da Camera’s 30th year with this auspicious gift back to the community,” said Sarah Rothenberg, Da Camera artistic director. “Beethoven’s string quartets continue to move us with their extraordinary power — they express, as only music can, an enormous range of human emotions in a remarkably personal way, as though Beethoven is speaking directly to us, about ourselves. The quartets have been a great inspiration to me throughout my own life, and I am excited to share this experience with so many Houstonians.”

This program was supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.