Elias Quartet presents the Complete Beethoven Quartets in 16 concerts

March 28 – April 8, 2022

DACAMERA presents the world-renowned, London-based Elias Quartet in Beethoven’s complete quartets, offering a rare opportunity to hear these compelling works over six unforgettable evenings.  Considered by many to be the summit of chamber music composition, the quartets were composed by Beethoven from age 28 until the year before his death. From the adventurous Opus 18 quartets building on the legacy of Haydn and Mozart, to the heroic works of the middle period, to the highly expressive, experimental, spiritual late works, the cycle encompasses the dramatic transformation in Beethoven’s music over the course of his career. Artistic Director Sarah Rothenberg introduces each concert, leading you through Beethoven’s life and music as we take this transcendent musical journey.