“trendsetting” – Time Out New York

“a cultural pillar of Houston and one of the nation’s leading presenters of ensemble music.”
– culturemap.com

“radiating uncommon care and intelligence” – The New York Times

“a Houston gem” – Houston Chronicle

“25th anniversary season is set to be a tour de force…daring programs that serve as a gathering spot for music lovers to meet other like-minded friends, an avenue to discover remarkable artists and music genres” – culturemap.com

“I was familiar with many of the works presented at the concerts — some of which I have performed many times — but with Rothenberg’s curatorial tactics, I was hearing them with virgin ears.” – culturemap.com

“Da Camera’s jazz series…a godsend for Houston jazz fans.”– Houston Chronicle

“Assembling a wicked corps of musicians, Da Camera presented a tour de force concert”
– culturemap.com

“a Houston gem with a unique niche in the city’s milieu of performing arts.”
– Houston Chronicle

“Da Camera has become a cultural pillar of Houston and one of the nation’s leading presenters of ensemble music.” – culturemap.com

“the city’s most significant jazz series.” – Houston Chronicle

“…exceptionally thoughtful programs on literary themes…” – The New York Times, 1997

“An ingenious thematic idea was brilliantly used in the program performed by Da Camera of Houston…” – The Washington Post, 1997

“Da Camera of Houston is unique.” – Champaign-Urbana News Gazette, 2000

“As part of an adventurous chamber music program, Da Camera brings in several national jazz acts each season.” – Downbeat

“Debussy wrote chamber music for unusual combinations of instruments. It’s performed only when a group like Da Camera puts together a program like Impressionist Visions.”
– Houston Chronicle, 2001

“Da Camera’s…program…was full of revelations.” – Austin American Statesman, 1996

“Da Camera has a knack for mixing genres…” – Houston Press, 2000

“What makes Da Camera’s programs more than just glorified poetry readings or concerts…is the care with which both art forms are portrayed in context.” – Piano and Keyboard, 1998

“These events by Da Camera of Houston begin with good ideas, but more impressive is the thoroughness with which they are worked out.” – The New York Times, 1997

“In its ambitious Music and the Literary Imagination series, Da Camera of Houston has been pairing poets and composers…” – Stagebill, 1997