Meet the 2018-2019 Da Camera Young Artists

The Da Camera Young Artist Program is a fellowship program for emerging professional instrumentalists, vocalists, and composers. The program provides career-expanding experiences and training to the next generation of artists, encouraging them to create music for the community throughout their careers, and offer students and new audiences exposure to great music and talented performers, using music as a vehicle for scholastic exploration and inspiration. Da Camera Young Artists participate in an exciting variety of performances, workshops and school visits.

The 2018/2019 Young Artists are: Theo Chandler, composer; Robert J. Coe, composer; Hope Cowan, harp; Douglas DeVries, flute; Camille Jasensky, soprano; Timothy Krippner, piano; Giancarlo Latta, violin; Michael Lenahan, piano; Austin Lewellen, bass; Ellie Parker, saxophone; Ruben Rengel, violin; Jacob Schafer, violin; Brady Spitz, percussion; Christoph Wagner, cello; Hasmik Vardanyan, cello; Madison Vest, violin; Rainey Weber, viola; and Sergein Yap, viola. The second year fellows are Robert J. Coe, Timothy Krippner, Giancarlo Latta, Jacob Schafer, Brady Spitz, Rainey Weber and Sergein Yap. Meet the Young Artists and learn more about them. Pictured: Madison Vest. Photo: Haley Stage