Pianist Ethan Iverson on Weinberg’s Piano Quintet stream

Pianist Ethan Iverson, formerly of the ground-breaking jazz trio The Bad Plus, has posted comments about DACAMERA’s free stream of Mieczyslaw Weinberg’s Piano Quintet on his popular blog, Do The Math.

Iverson writes: “Weinberg is not a familiar name but I was thrilled by this Quintet. He was an associate of Dmitri Shostakovich, and there are certainly similarities, but Weinberg is a shade more subtle in his harmonic flow, perhaps a bit more “Brahmsian.” The film is beautifully recorded and quite riveting overall. It’s a substantial work in five movements but the time just flows by. At some point I’d like to sit with the scores to three great Russian piano quintets, Shostakovich, Weinberg, and Schnittke, and study them properly as a set. Wonderful music.

Much more context and commentary in Rothenberg’s program note.”

Read the full post here: https://ethaniverson.com/2021/02/28/important-to-watch/