Rothko Chapel CD on ECM New Series is now available for pre-order

The new ECM recording of Da Camera’s unique Rothko Chapel CD is now available for pre-order. With an official release date of October 23, the new CD features Morton Feldman’s 1971 masterpiece Rothko Chapel and works of Satie and John Cage. Rothko Chapel was inspired by Morton Feldman’s visit to the chapel in 1971 and by his close friendship with Rothko, who died the previous year. The Da Camera recording is the first commercial recording of Feldman’s work made in Houston, connecting the work to its Houston roots and to the Chapel itself. The performers are Kim Kashkashian, viola; Houston Chamber Choir, conducted by Robert Simpson; Lauren Snouffer, soprano, Sonja Bruzauskas mezzo-soprano; Steven Schick, percussion and Sarah Rothenberg, piano and celeste. Pre-order at