Dear Friends of Da Camera,

“No Place Like Home” is a season theme with multiple meanings. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we thank the Houston community for our vibrant home. The city’s characteristic openness and entrepreneurial spirit have allowed Da Camera to thrive, grow as the city grows, and become a nationally-recognized leader of innovation and excellence in chamber music and jazz.

We celebrate our rich past by bringing back old friends like the Juilliard Quartet and, as Houston’s premiere jazz presenter, we salute the city’s contributions to this art form with three Jazz Homecomings of native stars as part of our 7 concert series. We look to the role of “home” for composers, from the evolution of “house music” chamber forms like the string quartet and Beethoven’s piano sonatas to American maverick Charles Ives’s haunting childhood memories of hymns and folk tunes.

“No Place Like Home” also asks questions about the meaning of home on a larger scale. What is America? The vitality of our American music-making thrives on diversity, from musicians from around the world who have chosen to make America their home to American-born artists of a variety of heritages. Many musicians today are true global citizens, in both their musical collaborations across nationalities and embracing of multiple styles: Israeli mandolinist Avi Avital, guitarists Sergio and Odair Assad, harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani. The question of home also brings up its opposite: homelessness and exile. Schubert’s great song cycle, Winter’s Journey, eloquently evokes a solitary wanderer, and we place this masterwork next to the evocative installations of Palestinian artist Mona Hatoum at the Menil Collection. Times of war invariably bring out the fragility of home, and we present 20th-century masterpieces of great inspiration created under heartbreaking circumstances, including Olivier Messiaen’s transcendent Quartet for the End of Time.

Da Camera’s 30th season engages us in the extraordinary range of emotions that music can evoke, allows us to share human experiences across cultures and time. We invite you to join us on this musical adventure.

Sarah Rothenberg
Artistic & General Director