DACAMERA Home Delivery: curated music, commentary and artistic exchanges in the spirit of DACAMERA
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Installment #1: Beethoven and Richard Goode

From Sarah Rothenberg

I hope this finds you well and safe. I send warm greetings to you as we navigate separately yet together the challenges of our present moment. Missing the sense of community we all feel when we gather at DACAMERA concerts, I hope that by reaching out to you with thoughts and music, we can listen together and keep that special spirit alive. We are working at DACAMERA to find new ways to be in touch during this period, and hope to hear from you, as well.

Music evokes powerful emotions, and has the extraordinary capability of taking us out of one emotional state and into another. There have been several mornings in this past week that I have awakened in a state of anxiety, only to find that in sitting at the piano and playing Bach I am able, at the same time, to feel ecstasy.

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Installment #3: The Well Tempered Lens with Jeremy Denk

From Sarah Rothenberg:

As we continue to bring DACAMERA curated music into your home, I am pleased to announce our partnership with New York Public Radio’s WQXR & The Greene Space for live streaming of a three-part series with pianist Jeremy Denk on Bach’s Well-Tempered Klavier. We had looked forward to Jeremy’s performances for DACAMERA of J.S. Bach’s iconic work for keyboard, the 24 preludes and fugues of The Well-Tempered Klavier Book I, scheduled for April 27 and 28 at the Menil Collection. I invite you now to join Jeremy in this series of live video performances and conversations about Bach’s work, the first episode of which is archived here.

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Installment #5: Jeremy Denk and Sarah Rothenberg on Bach

We are pleased to be bringing you pianist Jeremy Denk’s live stream from New York on Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier, in lieu of his previously scheduled performances of this work for DACAMERA this month.  Following the first installment in Jeremy’s Bach series, DACAMERA artistic director Sarah Rothenberg and Jeremy Denk “met up” for an informal Home Delivery chat on Zoom. Hear about Jeremy Denk’s 18-month preparation period for these performances, the extraordinary scope of Bach’s genius, and perspectives on this great keyboard work studied by pianists for generations, as the two pianists reflect on Bach in this moment of social distancing.

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Installment #2: Music and Time: Sarah Rothenberg on Morton Feldman

From Sarah Rothenberg

MUSIC AND TIME: Morton Feldman’s Palais de Mari

One of the essential elements of music is the way it defines time. In the simplest of comparisons, three minutes of fast music and three minutes of a slow adagio or a ballad will allow us to experience that equal measure of time very differently. As we all stay at home during this period of semi-confinement, many of us are noticing how, with the interruption of our normal daily routines, our sense of time is disrupted. For some, without the stimuli of engaging with others or moving about physically, this time may be become unusually slow, and even empty. It is as though our lives are missing the musical bar lines by which we usually measure the day.

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Installment #4: Davone Tines

On April 7, DACAMERA was scheduled to present the first Houston recital by bass-baritone Davóne Tines. A true breakthrough artist, Tines is a “charismatic, full-voiced bass-baritone” says The New York Times. He was recently named a Next Generation Leader by Time magazine, which called him “A charismatic and commanding artist”; “poised for a major career” and “among the most compelling classically trained singers working in America today.” We are working closely with Tines to schedule his recital debut.

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Installment #6: Education and Community Initiatives

Welcome to the sixth installment of DACAMERA Home Delivery. Today, we are pleased to share with you some examples of how DACAMERA has remained a dynamic part of the Houston community, even while practicing social distancing.

In addition to the mainstage concert series each season, DACAMERA presents hundreds of education and community events across Greater Houston. DACAMERA’s Education and Community Initiatives department works to create opportunities that ensure equitable access to meaningful interactions with the highest quality chamber music and jazz for all audiences. The majority of these events are delivered by the talented members of the DACAMERA Young Artist Program.

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