Dance Party with Red Baraat

“A new-breed of marching-band music that’s part Punjabi wedding, part New Orleans second line, and all New York” — The Boston Globe

Famously dubbed “The best party band in years” by NPR, Red Baraat is a pioneering eight-piece band from Brooklyn, New York. Conceived by dhol player Sunny Jain, the group has drawn worldwide praise for its singular sound — a merging of hard driving North Indian Bhangra with elements of go-go, rock and jazz — fueled by three master rhythm makers, the muscle of horns, a raucous guitar and a booming sousaphone. Created with no less a purposeful agenda than manifesting joy and unity in all people, Red Baraat’s spirit is worn brightly on its sweaty and hard-worked sleeve. Their recordings include the 2016 EP Livewire and 2012’s Shruggy Ji.  twitter: @redbaraat

To purchase tickets for both sets on Thursday night for just $30 click here