The Departing Landscape on demand through Nov 24

Hearing Color, Seeing Time: DACAMERA at the Menil Collection

The Departing Landscape | A film by Sarah Rothenberg

“Entrancing” — Alex Ross, The New Yorker, author of The Rest is Noise and Wagnerism

“Under Rothenberg’s exquisite touch, each pause in Feldman’s slowly unrolling scroll becomes suspenseful, each note within seems profound.”– Bachtrack

Conceived and directed by pianist Sarah Rothenberg, The Departing Landscape features her performance of Morton Feldman’s last piano piece, Palais de Mari (1986), filmed by John Carrithers in the Menil Collection’s Arts of the Ancient World gallery. Rothenberg performs Feldman’s work surrounded by treasures dating back to 2800 B.C.E. — talismans of a distant past that inspired the composer, and which have survived to today.

“I see the film as memorializing both this current moment and the idea of transitory time. The film has an elegiac mood, conceived and created during this unprecedented COVID pandemic.  I think art is what can connect us during this time of isolation, it can reveal our common experience. Feldman’s music speaks to us in this moment of suspended time. It hovers between the ancient relics, our fragile present, and the unknowns that lie ahead. It takes us somewhere larger than ourselves.” — Sarah Rothenberg

“[Sarah Rothenberg is] a prolific and creative thinker.” — The Wall Street Journal

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