Steve Reich’s Different Trains

Visions of a Century series

Steve Reich | Different Trains
St. Lawrence String Quartet
Video by Mihai Cucu
Lighting by Jennifer Tipton

Experience legendary American master Steve Reich’s ground-breaking Different Trains in this premiere stream as video artist Mihai Cucu and the St. Lawrence Quartet bring the haunting work to life. Expect original synchronized video, and the interweaving of live and pre-recorded string quartet with sounds of trains, whistles, sirens, recorded voices from the American past and fragmented memories of Holocaust survivors. DACAMERA favorites the St. Lawrence Quartet take on this challenging work with their customary aplomb!

“A rare gift for combining interpretive spontaneity and fierce musical commitment.” – The New York Times on the St. Lawrence String Quartet

How it works: Register now. Before the event, you will receive an email with the link to watch. After the initial premiere stream, watch on demand for 1 week. DACAMERA members get an additional week of on-demand viewing and the pre-concert reception, so join today!