Surrealism: Music, Art, Film and Literature (1998)

World premiere: March 6, 1998
Cullen Theater, Wortham Theater Center

New York premiere: March 9, 1998
Great Performers at Lincoln Center

Conceived and directed by Sarah Rothenberg
Original performers: William Sharp, baritone; Allan Vogel, oboe; Laura Flax, clarinet; Marc Goldberg, bassoon; Chris Gekker, trumpet; Eric Wyrick, violin; Julia Lichten, cello; Jonathan Haas, percussion; Pedja Muzijevic, piano; Sarah Rothenberg, piano

Francis Poulenc: L’Anguille (Apollinaire)
Arthur Honegger: Saltimbanques (Apollinaire)
Erik Satie: Air du Rat (Fargue)
Francis Poulenc: Tu vois le feu du soir (Eluard)
George Antheil: La Femme 100 Tetes (after Max Ernst)
Georges Auric: Hommage
Erik Satie: (Cocteau)
Francis Poulenc: Avant le cinema (Apollinaire)
Rene Clair: ENTR’ACTE (silent film)Erik Satie (arr. Milhaud)
Pablo Picasso: Reading from the play Desire Caught by the Tail
Francis Poulenc: Le bal masque for baritone and chamber ensemble (text by Max Jacob)

Created for the 10th anniversaries of Da Camera and The Menil Collection, this program explores the intersections of different art forms inspired by the Surrealist movement. The audience encounters musical compositions inspired by Surrealist poetry and art, a film created with the participation of poets, painters and composer, and a play by the early Surrealists’ hero, Pablo Picasso.